The Division of Mathematics and Sciences at Delta State University are excited after receiving a special grant to expose middle and high school students to the Mississippi sites that are packed with historic fossils.

The Department of Math and Science at Delta State University received a grant from the Paleotogical Society. In result, students will now have the opportunity to study and learn about fossils from Mississippi up to seventy millions years old. 

In the fall, the grant will allow the division of mathematics and sciences to take 25 children and 5 school teachers on 3 field trips at Mississippi sites that have an abundance of fossils to inspire them to become the next generation of stem professionals. 

"I want them know that fossils are exciting. They can tell you about the past climate. They can tell you about past morphologies - what organisms have evolved into throughout geologic time. They tell you about diets, and food webs. There is so much that you can do with fossils, just like you can do with modern day ecosystems." says Dr. Nina Baghai-Riding.

On the field trips the students will get to dig up and potentially find oysters, clams, gastrapods, shark s teeth and maybe even a fossil leaf.

"I want them to become inspired about fossils and how they can generate a wealth of infomration. We have such an abundance of them and they aren't too many people that study fossils in Mississippi. So I am hoping that this will lead to some future pateotologists, future stem leaders who really appreciate fossil resources." says Dr. Baghai-Riding

Quite a few have already signed up. However, there still available spots. You can visit the delta state university s website for more information.  

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