Three university of Mississippi students are facing possible investigation by the department of justice after posing with guns in front of a sign honoring Emmett Till. We got a chance to meet with Emmett Till Center's Coordinator about the incident.


We were able to sit down with Benjamin Saulsberry, the tour coordinator, in regard to the three white male students posing with guns beside an oft-vandalized historic marker to lynching victim Emmett Till.


Saulsberry says, "Upon hearing about the picture and the post concerning the three students and the picture they took in front of the marker without a doubt was unnerving to say the least."


Saulsberry stated that the center definitely want to allow the people that are responsible for running the investigation to do it with all of the fidelity and objectivity necessary to ensure justice.


"And so in the face of this kind of opposition it serves as of now as an even stronger motivator to continue to call people to together, to continue to hold ourselves accountable in each other. But to do it in a way that we hope fosters healing, and truth telling, and things of that nature. And even more importantly how being don t realizing how their actions impact people other than themselves." says Saulsberry.


The Emmett Till interpretive center are brainstorming ways to deter vandalism such as possibly owning the land the river-side markers are on or add structures that could act as a deterrent for vandalism.

The Delta News Schuylar Ramsey reporting.

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