JACKSON - The EPA is investigating the water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi.

It's the latest in a series of developments that began with flooding along the pearl river and then the failure of the city's water system.

It comes as the Mississippi capitol city remains under a boil water order.

NBC news first broke the story online, and now all eyes are on Jackson and the EPA as it launches what NBC calls a flint, Michigan style investigation into the city's water troubles.

A team from the agency's office of inspector general arrived in Jackson last week to begin a top-to-bottom review of the crisis.

The team is collecting data and conducting interviews in an effort to shed light on what caused the city to go day's without running water.

Jackson's mayor says the extra scrutiny should come as no surprise.

"Anytime you have an event that has as far-ranging implications as this one has had, then you should expect more questions, you should expect a deeper dive and so we embrace that and as I said, I will instruct everyone to cooperate," said Chokwe Antar Lumumba.

Even before the crisis, issues with Jackson’s water had come under scrutiny from state and federal regulators...who flagged problems ranging from inadequate staffing to delayed repairs.

A similar EPA investigation into the flint water crisis resulted in 9 indictments.

Investigators will talk with local state and federal players who oversee public resources aimed at providing clean water.

 Meantime, the Delta water situation remains unchanged

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