Eudora had a hiring event and its one of many happening across the Delta. 

ESA has begun hosting hiring events throughout Arkansas and Mississippi. the company says in spite of the pandemic demand has risen and they need to fill positions.

C.O.O. Brad Barfield said the increase means more jobs are available.

”We're hiring for the rice mill that’s seen a huge increase in sales due to the covid-19 experience. We’re opening up a second shift hiring for multiple positions.

The events are held as drive up due to the pandemic. You'll sign in and then wait in your car for your name to be called. They do encourage masks to be worn inside. Once you're called back you can begin the application process.

 Mayor Tomeka Bulter said it's very exciting for Eudora to collaborate with the company to offer residents employment.

”I was super excited more so for the citizens in the community because there are quite a few citizens who want to work who really need a job," she said.

And they say even if you're just looking for a summer job there’s tons of positions worth checking out.

Jordan Woods is a college student looking for summer employment.

”I wanted a summer job, being a college student I wanted to have some money in my pocket so you know that really motivated me to want to come out and get a job,” he said. 

The company said they're holding an event every Friday in a different city across the Delta. They're based in Monicello, Arkansas, but the jobs themselves are in McGehee. 

If you don't want to drive up you can apply online as well.

You can find more information about the jobs available at and on Facebook at ESA staffing and screening.

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