A longtime member of the Greenville Fire Department who has fought and investigated fires for 25-years is being honored as he prepares for retirement.

Fire Marshal Vernon Murphree graduated from the fire academy 25 years ago.  Now, he's saying goodbye to the Greenville fire Department.  His chief and friend Chief Ruben Brown said he remembered graduating from the academy with him.

"When we got hired, it was a group of ten so we're the only two left, and after he leaves; I will be the only person out of the group of ten.  25 years ago, but Vernon very lovable guy,' said the Greenville Fire Chief Ruben Brown.

Greenville Fire Chief Brown said Fire Marshal or Chief Murphree was not only a dedicated to the fire department, he made sure to make time for all projects.

"Like if you needed help with a vehicle or you need something done with a house, he would always come at anytime and spend hours doing whatever he could to help." Said Chief Brown.

Now as Murphree begins a new chapter, Chief Brown said, he wishes him all the best, "for me, Vernon, Chief Murphree have always been more than just a co-worker, he's a family member.  He will be transferring from the fire department but he will always be my friend, he's a brother, someone that I love.  And, its just still so very easy to say I care about him and I love him because of again, 25 years as a family and again he'll truly be missed."

Tomorrow marks Chief Vernon Murphree's last day.

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