During this pandemic people have been struggling to make ends meet, whether it's not having food, cleaning supplies or water. Here in the city of Greenville, city officials and first responders came together and set up a food and mask drive to help the people of Greenville and to show that they care and have their back. 

"With the drive, the mayor's office kyla and several of us contacted the different departments and we all came together as one." Says Remelda Lewis 
  Each box given away today contained a mask, fresh fruits and vegetables and other necessities needed in everyday life. 
  "My guys, the men and women of the Greenville fire department, we are always eager to help the community, pardon with the city of Greenville to provide fresh fruits and vegetables for the citizens of Greenville. Again it was all a hands on effort, Greenville police department, public works, police department fire, to really come together and assist our citizens here in Greenville." Says Fire Chief Brown 
  Citizens came from all over the delta to get the free boxes of fruits and vegetables and to show their appreciation to the city of Greenville.
 "It was a great turnout, last week we had 1 lane, today we opened up 2 lanes and everything really moved quickly and smooth. there was a census of paperwork to fill out, voter registration, mask giveaway along with the food. but again a great event for the city of Greenville and its partners but also the winners are the citizens of Greenville." Says Chief Brown 

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