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GREENWOOD - The Leflore County Board of Supervisors this week voted unanimously to put out another request to see if anyone wants to take over the financially-ailing Greenwood Leflore Hospital.

The board plans to put out a "Request for Proposals" or RFP, and with the help of our news partners at the Taxpayers Channel, The Delta News explains that's exactly what the City of Greenwood has in mind.

In November, the Greenwood-Leflore hospital lost another 2 million dollars as both the city and county try to come up with enough money to keep the place open while they look for a plan for its future.

"Right now, we were told the hospital has enough cash to operate until February. Then the infusion of cash that has came in from us. The county still I don't know they hadn't put their money in yet not saying they're not going to do it. But if the county does what they're supposed to do and we do what we're supposed to do we make it make it to May or June but we have but the interim administrator say we need to make it to October." said Stevenson.

Making it ten months down the road may sound impossible, but with deep service cuts, subsidies and cash from the city and county, some think the hospital can survive that long.

"The board's working very, very hard on that. I want to say lastly, that the city has given their obligation we gave them a check for a million dollars and then some services going on to continue until we get this stuff until we get the sorted out, where the hospital's going but we're going to have to help them until we hear from both the legislators." said Mayor Carolyn McAdams.

Meantime, the hospital's future looks very different from its past.

"The state of Mississippi the federal government wants to downsize and being that as it may they not going to do much to help us as far as funding unless we can get our statute changed to critical care. If we change the critical care, we can get more reimbursement on Medicaid. But lots of things have changed in the healthcare industry. They did come up with a plan that if all else fails our hospital can be an emergency rural outpatient facility only." Said Stevenson

Certainly a big change from a 200 bed in-patient hospital, so the city and county say they're open to offers.

"The Mayor and I want to post another RFP because we are getting calls now she's getting them, I'm getting them. Now people out of California, and other places interested in buying the hospital or leasing the hospital. How legit it is, I don't know." Stevenson said.

Meantime, Greenwood Leflore hospital may only exist on the kindness of its neighbors, contributing through a "go fund me" type of setup.

" So I was told that something's going to be online for donations for the hospital they're having something put online. And I asked about that. So if anybody asks you about the hospital you can go online and donate." said Stevenson.

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