Bryant to get subpoena

JACKSON -A defense attorney in the huge Mississippi welfare money scandal wants answers from the Governor who had charge as it all unfolded.

According to Mississippi Today, an attorney for Greenwood native Nancy New, has filed a subpoena on former Governor Phil Bryant for documents related to the use of federal welfare money to build a volleyball stadium at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Jerry Bufkin says he "intends to find the truth, even if (he) has to drag it kicking and screaming into the light."

Bufkin's subpoena marks the first time Bryant has been compelled to provide documents related to his involvement in the scandal.

Also subpoenaed are the USM Athletic Foundation, Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch's office and the Institutes of Higher Learning, the two agencies that approved the project.

So far, no comment from Governor Bryant.

This Development comes after the Department of Human Services fired its attorney after he filed his own subpoena on Southern's athletic foundation.  A spokesman for the department has said the attorney, former U.S. Attorney Brad Piggott didn't notify his clients about the subpoena, but Piggott says at least two departments of state government knew about his move at least a week in advance.

You've no doubt heard about the huge welfare fraud case in Mississippi... And all the money meant for poor families.... Used on expensive projects pushed by former football hero Bret Farve....

Well.... Mississippi Today reports, The man behind the prosecution of that case... Is out of a job.

The Mississippi department of welfare has fired Brad Piggott... The former U.S. Attorney it contracted to claw back millions in misspent federal funds from dozens of people in Mississippi’s sprawling welfare scandal.

The termination comes about a week after Pigott filed a subpoena on the university of southern Mississippi athletic foundation for its communication with several notable people, including former gov. Phil Bryant, to get to the bottom of why it received $5 million in welfare funds to build a volleyball stadium.

It throws the welfare agency’s civil lawsuit into chaos.

That suit promised to probe players in the welfare scheme and answer questions that current criminal proceedings wouldn’t. Just last week, Pigott had scheduled depositions with key players in the scheme, including former NFL quarterback Brett Favre.

Pigott said he was not given a reason for his termination, but that Mississippi department of human services officials told him it was not related to the quality of his legal work.

Officials at the Mississippi department of human services eventually said Piggott was fired for not keeping state officials informed about his USM subpoena.

As we said earlier, Piggott claims he gave MDHS and the Attorney General at least a week's notice before making the filing.

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