Governor Reeves: Latest State Mandates

Governor Tate Reeves announcing Friday that some new measures are in place state wide in response to the spike in covid cases in Mississippi.

The changes were announced in a press conference Friday afternoon. One of them being liquor sales now end at 11 p.m. Bars can only sell alcohol to seated customers, and previous measures like 50% capacity and social distancing are still in place.

The governor also adding more counties to the list with stricter guidelines. The new counties added are Calhoun, Holmes, Montgomery, Winston and Yalobusha.

Reeves saying the new restrictions are to prevent what he calls "reckless spreading among young, drunk people the most challenging group,"

"When you look at the rising number of cases among that 20-29 crowd and you see what's happening in bars around the state, particularly in areas where they are just completely ignoring the current even 50 percent capacity limitations that there is a lot of spread happening," he said.

Top health official Thomas Dobbs also also speaking about how Mississippi is doing relative to the rest of the country.

"If we look at how Mississippi stands in the nation among U.S. states we're number 9 in per capita cases in the last seven days, so Mississippi is one of the leading states in the country as far as coronavirus goes and in the Southeast we are led only by Louisiana and Florida," Dobbs said.

And with some unemployment benefits set to end Saturday, July 25, Reeves has extended the suspension of work search requirements until August 8 and other unemployment benefits listed in the executive order until September 26.

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