In Greenville, city employees are set to return to work after being furloughed. 

Mayor Errick Simmons said he was excited to make the announcement.

"And we are happy to announce right now that to our city council, fiscal responsibility and saving money, also our department head and supervisors, were able to bring those employees back before the expiration of hundred and 20 days and there coming back just being laid off for furloughed for only 60 days. So there set to return back August the first," he said. 

 With a recent surge of covid -19 cases in the state of Mississippi, Mayor Simmons is confident that we can be safe during this pandemic if everybody follows the policy and guidelines that are being placed. 
 "There's a recent surge of covid-19 confirmed cases not only the uptake in cases in Washington County but across the state and across the country and we hope that we don't get back to another shelter in place where we have to shut back down but right now the furlough policy that the council entered will be considered and we will continue to monitor the policy but we are asking those employees to come back and get back to work so we can continue to provide the municipal services through the taxpayers of the city of Greenville. We can be safe and keep the economy open but if we fail to do those preventive measures and those safety things like wearing our mask and keeping social distancing, if we shut back down it's going to hurt this city, cities across the state, across the country and it's going to hurt the economy again," he said.
Simmons said the hardworking employees are happy and ready to get back to work.
"The employees are happy to come back to work we have hardworking employees here in the city of Greenville, they love what they do they love serving the citizens of Greenville and so we are looking forward to them coming back and returning back getting there hands and feet wet and moving by being safe,"

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