A vacation gone wrong. A terrible vacation a couple had to experience when visiting Greenville.

Darnell Butler and Tara Henderson woke up Sunday morning to find all their items stolen from their car.

The couple came in from Chicago and was staying at the America's Best Value Inn and Suites.

Butler and Henderson were distraught after having their luggage stolen. 

"A lot of important things that i don't even want to explain its terrible. And he did it while we was sleeping. He took the whole car from us. Everything, all our luggage. All the luggage, our wallets, brand new clothes, brand new shoes, just everything brand new. He took everything he took the whole car," Butler said.

The next morning Henderson and Butler noticed their stuff missing, told the front desk, and then called the police.

"The officers got the information, they processed the vehicle for prints, their information was turned over to a detective because the detective would have to subpoena the video surveillance evidence. Which the detective did and now they are currently trying to identify this suspect from this auto burglary," Greenville Chief of Police Delando Wilson said.

Butler and Henderson ended up having to delay their trip back to Chicago since they lost all their luggage. Their car was not damaged.

"Most crimes like this are crimes of opportunity, where burglars they seized the opportunity, which only takes a minute to commit a crime like this. You know the biggest thing is secure your valuables from your vehicle," Chief Wilson said.

"Yeah it's been a bad experience though... Came down here on vacation to get robbed," Butler said.

The Greenville Police Department has the case under investigation.

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