A murder that happened on march 21st, Chiconna Bowman is still looking for answers on the death of her father. 

 "Till this day no one has been arrested, its kinda sad that I have to contact the news media and what not to put forth an effort for someone to come forward. The police, I haven't had an update in I don't know how long."
 Chiconna says she was really angry and bitter at one point but now she wants to turn that anger and bitterness into something positive. 
 I was frustrated, I was really angry but I've decided to take that bitterness and anger and do something positive in my father's honor. So I'm going to be establishing a foundation in his name. I'm doing a business venture in his name."
 At the end of the day Chiconna says that she just wants justice and for whoever that committed the crime to come forward. 
 "But I just want, I want Greenville, I want whoever is responsible to come forward. I know it's killing you on the inside, I know it's killing you because you went in his house and you killed him for what? I know someone out there knows, if it was your family member, your mother or father, you would want somebody to come forward."

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