Here at the Greenville public school district office I talked to Superintendent Debra Dace about the changes for this coming school year and what students can expect.

 "Right now our start date for teachers will be august 4th we will have our virtual convocation for our staff and we will provide professional development and training through the 7th. On August 10th our students are scheduled to return virtually and we are putting everything in place to make sure we have the necessary resources, tools, schedules and everything to provide to our students."
Superintendent Dace says that the school district will provide devices for the virtual learning for this school year but devices are limited.
 "As it stands right now as a district we have a limited number of devices we actually implemented a survey and quite a few of those parents upwards of about 70% or so said that they had devices for those parents that responded. so we are providing a limited number of devices on a case by case basis initially. We have been approved through the  Mississippi Department of ED for additional funding through the legislators for funding to purchase additional devices. so as those devices come and arrive in the district we will again redistribute those devices as well."
 Superintendent Dace wants all the families to know that the Greenville Public School District has their back and will be supporting them in any way they can.
 "Right now we are going  to provide support to families by way of online instruction we are also prepared to provide via paper packet, we will contact parents via telephone, whatever we need to do we are going to make sure we reach our students. For as far as transportation is concerned, we are going to use some of our buses to not only deliver meals but if we have to deliver packets out to different communities we will do that as well. We are planning to provide whatever we need to provide for students to make sure we reach students where they are."

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