Greenville High students making a request to carry their cell phones on campus.

During a Greenville Public School District Meeting, students presented a proposed policy that would allow them to carry their mobile phones at school.

SGA President Kayla Williams says there have been over 60 suspensions due to cell phones this month. She along with other students say having their phone would increase educational value and cut down on students not being in school because of their phone.

"It's a policy we've wanted in place for years now. It'll cut down disciplinary referrals and also it'll increase academic success."

"If we have our cell phones, we can take notes, put it as a reminder and all. It is very hard to go throughout the day without our cell phones," says Cajanique Ollie, another student at Greenville High.

Superintendent Janice Page-Johnson says the board will take their proposal into consideration and will make a decision on the policy in an upcoming meeting.

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