Shh! No talking in the library! Unless it’s about the new roof the Greenwood Leflore Public Library will be getting! The Leflore County Board of Supervisors and City of Greenwood have agreed to split the cost of a new roof as well as interior damages.

Interim director Naomi Jones said the current roof has been in place since April 2001.

 “We’ve had leaks come through on the roof and it leaks down the wall and onto the first floor and it’s been a few years that we’ve tried to patch and repair and it’s just come to the point where it’s actually pouring through so its leaking pretty bad now to the point of something has to be done now,” she said.

Even in the digital age public libraries are key for communities. Especially during the pandemic, offering Wi-Fi and public information.

 “We facilitate information to all of the community no matter who or what they need we try to do our best to provide what they need and what they want,” said Jones.

Despite everything going online, the library sees high traffic.

And it’s not just the library staff excited about the new roof. Patrons say they’re thrilled to know the library is getting the much needed upgrade.

JoeAnn Harris says public libraries are especially important for children.

 “I think it’s well needed and I very much approve and appreciate it. Yes it helps the children that don’t have computers and you know it’s much appreciated,” she said.

Everyone is delighted about this new chapter for the library. The board of supervisors may name a contractor next week after looking at bids.

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