police phone scam

Greenwood Police warning residents of a police phone scam that surfaced Thursday night. 

According to Greenwood Police Chief Ray Moore, the scammer contacts the resident via the telephone using the name and title Sergeant Austin from the Greenwood Police Department.  He then instructs them to go to Walmart to buy a card under the guise of them owing the Security Administration Office money. The scammer whose caller I.D. shows the police department's phone number, then tells the caller if they do not follow his instructions the U.S. Marshalls and the Greenwood Police would come and arrest them. Chief Moore said, they would never ask for money over the phone.

"If these kind of calls do come in, please under no circumstances give them any money, do not give them your credit card number, your bank number or anything.   Do not go and give them a money card and giving up," said Greenwood Police Chief Ray Moore.

Chief Moore said if you get a call from a scam, its best to call the police department at (662) 453-3311 and file a report right away.  He also said, residents can walk into the department located at 406 Main Street and file that report too.

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