Here in Grenada schools have started on August 10th, to ensure safety for students, they have offered parents a plan of choice for their kids going to school. "One is the traditional classroom in which students will come to schools as they always have. Another is the hybrid approach in which kids would come to school two days a week and three days a week they would be online with their instructors. The third option available for our parents was virtual, in which 100% of the time the kids would be at home working." With more than 50% of the parents deciding to have their kids do the traditional route with school, superintendent Daigneault says that each choice that was given to the parents can help in any situation they are facing at home.  "Someone who is sick at home or a elderly parent at home or grandparent, then they can do something a little bit different then the traditional classroom. They can do the hybrid classroom socially distancing from other kids and wearing face masks." Superintendent Daigneault says that he knows these are hard times for everybody right now but the school district has their back ! "Parents have been overwhelmingly receptive to these three different plans and they know that the school district is there to help them and that we want to educate their children."

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