Roscoe Greene, president and general manager of Harlow's made major donations to the boys and girls club of Washington county, united way and to mayor Simmons. 

 Roscoe said "more specifically during this time of the pandemic people are in need. So we want to make sure that we are helping in any way that we can, to fulfill some of those needs."

  And that he did, Roscoe Greene and Harlow's gave out $2000 to the boys and girls club, $1500 to the united way and bikes for mayor Simmons toy drive.

Joan said "this donation that we are receiving today is going to help with all the operations with the boys and girls club of Washington county, so we are deeply grateful to Mr Greene and his investment."

 Each representative from every organization and mayor Simmons were very grateful for the donations because they know during this pandemic any and everything counts.

 Kim said "we are so grateful for Mr Greene and Harlow's, they are one of our top 5 every year, they come out strong, they are so thoughtful."

 Mayor Simmons said "it's wonderful to continue to partner with Harlow's, Harlow's has been here since the inception, Harlow's is a good corporate citizen to the city, the county, the delta but also the children in this community."

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