reactions to new federal courthouse

A day after the design of a new federal courthouse was made public, business leaders speak about it's potential benefits for downtown Greenville.

These are just a couple of the drawings of the new federal courthouse building released Wednesday by the US General Services Administration. The $40-million, plus investment will not only benefit federal judges, it will beautify downtown, and it is expected to mean economic growth for the area. Businessman Bill Boykin said the new federal courthouse deal is exciting news for Greenville.

"It brings new hope for Greenville, it brings new hope for the Mississippi Delta.  It's a commitment to Greenville, by the judiciary system and we're excited about that." Said, Greenville businessman, Bill Boykin. 

Bill Boykin is the owner of the Downtown Grill and other businesses on Washington Avenue, a few blocks from where the courthouse will be built. Washington County Economic Alliance Executive Director, William Coppage said this project has been in the making more than a decade, and becomes reality thanks to the late Senator Thad Cochran. The next phase means employment opportunities through construction contracts.

"It's going to kind of be like a bell curve effect, at the very beginning when this project starts, we probably are not going to see a lot of people working on it, because they are going to be working on laying the foundation. But, as the project moves we are going to be seeing a lot of work from a lot of entities whether contractors and subcontractors or there are service providers and then as we get nearing the end of the project it probably will be less people because they are going to be doing the finishing work.  But we are talking about this is a 2-year project.  It's going to be amazing for downtown and for the City of Greenville."  Said, Executive Director William Coppage of WCEA.

Coppage said, economic effects will continue to blossom long after the courthouse is erected and that he said, means financially growth for Greenville.

"Anytime there is an investment and you start seeing leveraging and additional investments.  So, you look at what's already going on downtown and really investments across Washington County and the city it does great deal to attract other investments and increase our tax base.  As our tax base increases, it allows the city coffers to be filled and allows them to be able to do more improvements to roads and infrastructures.  So this is just a major component that will further allow the city to do additional improvements down the line."  Said, Executive Director William Coppage of WCEA.

Business leaders and the City of Greenville believe the courthouse will only make Greenville's economy stronger for many years to come.

The partnership to get making this deal come into fruition include the likes of Senator Roger Wicker, Congressman Bennie Thompson, Greenville Mayor, Errick Simmons, Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith and the GSA and federal judges.

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