Poor and rundown neighborhoods in Indianola will be getting a complete make over from a project that is two years in the making. The city has been working with public and private contractors to remodel and renovated blighted areas. The area to be renovated is the South Gate Sub-Division in the southern part of Indianola.

"This will be the South Gate Redevelopment Project in Ward 4 here in Indianola. What is planned is to renovate approximately 67 homes in this area of South Gate. Eight new homes will be built in that area. This is one of those areas that is marginalized area so this renovation will be the biggest investment in that part of town since its inception."

Not only will homes be built and renovated, but a community center will be built along with improving the infrastructure to help prevent flooding. The renovations will allow neighborhoods to be more clean and attractive by getting rid of boarded up homes and garbage. Roy Collins Construction has been contracted for the next three years.

"This area that we are located right now, this will be one of their main offices where they will work form. Down here we are going to have a community center built over there. We got a pavilion that will be built here. We also have a playground that will be built right here."

$8.5 million dollars will go into this project. The mayor says it will make the city more appealing for economic growth and opportunities.

"Why is this important? We have homes like this that are in deplorable condition and boarded up.They are lacking utilities, lacking infrastructure. This project will gives us a total overhaul of these houses like this."

The project will be completed in 2025. The project will have a ground breaking ceremony Friday, May 27th at 11 am in the South Gate Community.

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