Oak Street


Two arrest have been made in the shooting death of Deaubrey Roscoe. 

Samuel Barnes turned himself in on Thursday after telling police his brother, Damian Buck, shot Roscoe in self defense.

Authorities say Barnes and Roscoe had gotten into a physical altercation earlier Thursday evening. After the altercation, Buck drove Barnes to Roscoe residence supposedly to end the differences. However witnesses on the scene told authorities, Buck pulled out a gun followed by Roscoe and Buck began to fire.

Roscoe was hit by a bullet and fell. Authorities say Buck then stood over Roscoe shooting him with the remainder of the bullets in the gun. 

Later that evening, residents associated with Roscoe attempted to retaliate, but ended up shooting in the wrong house striking two innocent people.

A female victim was shot twice in the head and a male victim shot once in the chest. Both are now home from the hospital.

No arrest have been made in that shooting. 

Buck turned himself in Monday morning. 


On last night, Indianola authorities were dispatched to Oak Street in reference to shots fired.

Authorities believe the altercation between the two people began verbally and ended in gun fire killing one man.

Afterwards, a second shooting occurred injuring one male and one female.

Both victims were airlifted to a Jackson hospital.

At this time authorities have not made any arrest but are looking at two suspects.

This is an going investigation but authorities do believe the shootings are related.

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