Justice Rally

A story of alleged police brutality... A Mississippi man claims a traffic stop in Water Valley last month wound up in a brutal attack. David Logan says he was the victim. His attorneys holding a justice rally yesterday claiming the man was unarmed during the attack, but the Yalobusha County Sheriff Lance Humphreys denies the accusations. 

A justice rally involving a press conference and prayers of thanks for Logan's health and for justice happened at the Springhill Church. Logan's attorney, Carlos Moore said Logan has had a concussion, stitches, and nightmares since the altercation with police on July 18th.

"They already tazed him. They were choking him. He sit there and begged for his life," Carlos Moore said.

Logan was pulled over at a driver license checkpoint when he was allegedly beaten and tazed by four officers. Logan was taken to the hospital in the intensive care unit. Two officers also received injury, one with a torn leg ligament and one in need of knee surgery.

The Yalobusha County Sheriff's Department believe Logan was possibly under the influence of narcotics and that he resisted and attacked the officers first.

Trayvon Martin's attorney, Benjamin Crump, will also be assisting with the case.

"He knows all the tricks and maneuvers that they're going to pursue and so we're going to be ready to defend him and counteract them. And so I think having him on the team, uh, he's been practicing longer than I have and so its going to be a good team," Moore said.

According to the North Mississippi Herald, Sheriff Humphreys denies these allegations saying Logan attempted to run toward the officers twice. The report also adds that two officers had to seek medical treatment after the arrest.

Logan is now charged with resisting arrest, possession of a controlled substance and two counts of assault against an officer.

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