In other news… One of Greenville’s favorite daughters has left politics for a new and exciting position.

The Delta News Karen Williams introduces us to Kyla Washington.

“She was Mayor Errick Simmons right had woman for the last 3 years and now she’s serving the community in a new way as a community engagement officer. We talked to Kyla Washington about

her new and exciting opportunity.”

“It is a change, Ms. Karen but what I can say is wow, I really enjoyed my time working with Mayor

Simmons and the city of Greenville. I made the decision to leave the city because it was an unique

opportunity to allow me to grow and develop even more than what I already have. This opportunity

is really exciting for me also because it will give me the opportunity to make positive impact in the

community that I was born and raised in.

“My title is the community engagement officer for Mars Food. In this position, it is a part of a larger

investment in Greenville to help develop the Mars food brand. The process of creating better food

today for a better world tomorrow. And I will be creating and bringing to life that plan to help improve

education, and access to fresh healthy foods but also, building important relationships with members

of our community.”

“Right now we are very focused on Greenville specifically, in trying to make long lasting impacts

in this community currently. And so that is our focus right now.”

Washington says that her deep roots in Greenville and the region, will allow her to create programs

for the immediate area.

In Greenville, Karen Williams reporting.

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