Lawmakers Move Forward On Changing State Flag

In Jackson, lawmakers took steps to changing the state flag with the confederate battle emblem.

This after weeks of mounting pressure today legislation that lays the groundwork for a new flag was moved through the house after a vote of 84 to 35. And just hours later through the senate with a vote of 36 to 14.

Both needed to pass House Resolution 79 to suspend the legislative deadlines and file a bill to change the flag. Debate on the actual bill is expected Sunday, but the vote today was the biggest obstacle.

The current proposal would immediately take down the flag and set up a commission of nine members to design a new flag. The design including "In God We Trust". Voters would then get to approve or reject the design in November.

Here's what some lawmakers had to say.

 "You know this is one thing we needed to get by in Mississippi and today we're going to get by it, we still have the bill to go and it'll come we still have a vote to go out. We needed to step forward in Mississippi this is that one step," said LT. Gov. Delbert Hoseman.

"I think it's what a flag does, a flag is a unifying banner that all people unite under. Ours has not served that purpose it has become an image that some have co-opted to use for things that don't reflect Mississippi and for that reason we need to find something that better reflects the citizens of our state," said House Speaker Philip Gunn. 

On social media Governor Reeves spoke out saying if a bill on a new flag reaches his desk he will sign it.

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