Leland High School Donates to Food Pantry

One high school in the delta embraced the Christmas spirit with a food drive.

Leland High School got into the season of giving by donating around 3 thousand non perishable items for the food pantry in Leland.

Leland High School Principal Johnnie Vick says the Leland Food Pantry reached out to them, so he brought it to the faculty and decided to have a food drive.

"We made it very competitive with a point system based on the items they brought in and a student just took it and ran with it," Principal Johnnie Vick.

That student was tenth grader Jamarcus Brisco, who says he just wanted to encourage his classmates to help out.

"We felt like it was just a good thing to do, you know. Like, it's a great thing to give back to the people and the community and different people that are in need and stuff. It's just a good thing to do you know," Jamarcus Brisco said.

Brisco's homeroom raised one thousand, seven hundred and sixty cans out of the three thousand cans raised.

They were rewarded with a pizza party on the last day of school, but Principal Vicks is just proud of his students for collecting so many cans in a months time.

"I'm so proud of what they have collected in a months time. They really got engaged in the holiday spirit and the season of giving," Principal Vicks said.

"Everybody was eager to do it, you know. Eager to do it, just to give back. It was just a good thing you know," Brisco said.

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