After a devastating accident takes the lives of two children this spring, Leland Police Department looks for a way to prevent it from happening again. 

Community Bank donated 100 hammers to the Leland Police and Fire Departments to help first responders.

Leland Assistant Chief of Police says Leland Police Department is grateful Community Bank donated these hammers.

"Community bank donated us some life saving hammers that enables us to break the glass out of windows a lot easier than doing it with our hand or anything in the wake of a tragic accident that happened where two kids drowned in our creek here in deer creek and they were gracious enough to donate us one hundred of these hammers to distribute out to our fire department and our police department here in Leland," Leland Assistant Chief of Police Marcus Davis said.

Earlier this spring, two children's lives were taken after a car rolled into a creek in Leland. Bystanders jumped to the rescue trying to break the glass. It was not until a woman had a glass breaker, that the bystanders were able to rescue 2 year old Raylon Johnson.

Quickly after the 2 year old was pulled to safety, the SUV sank under water taking 4 year old Steve Smith and 1 year old Rasheed Johnson Jr. with it.

Andy Petro and his son Marc Petro decided to take action to try and prevent any further accidents.

"The people who jumped in to save them couldn't break the glass and after my son saw it on the news he called me and I want to thank my son Marc, who's President Hinds and Madison Community Bank and Community Bank for purchasing these glass breakers and seat belt covers, which we have given to all of Leland's first responders," volunteer firefighter Andy Petro said.

"It breaks the windows easily, and it also has a seat belt strap on it that razor will cut the seat belts off," Marcus Davis said.

If you keep this hammer in your car in the glove department or somewhere safe where you can grab it in case of emergencies. If your car turns over it has both sharp ends here you can break the glass easily and get out of that car.

"Everybody should have something like this in their car because it'll be very easy to break the glass with this and cut the seatbelt if they ever roll over," Andy Petro said.

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