The Leland School District just received a shipment of devices for its students thanks to the CARES Act.

  “They have the Cadillac version of them,”

The Leland superintendent speaking about the new iPads that were just received by the Leland school district after applying for one to one devices for its students and those devices were just delivered on Thursday.

“We were very excited when the truck came in State Rep Otis Anthony was here to help us receive the devices and to say congratulations from the legislature to the Leland School District which made it that much more nice,” he said. 

King said getting their application approved involved meticulous paperwork and filing, but said he’s very impressed on how the state conducted themselves and smoothly the process went to receive the devices.

 “The state of Mississippi really really doing a great job of making sure our children have an advantage while we do virtual digital learning,” he said.

The iPads come ready to use with a keyboard, protective case and charger. They’re also preprogrammed with all the apps students will need to continue virtual learning.

There’s about 849 students and the district received close to 860 devices, so students won’t have to worry about sharing with a sibling.  

“The pre k and kindergarten of course have special devices for them that are age appropriate, but every student will get devices,” King said.

Also saying they will continue virtual learning for now since students and teachers have mastered it saying a switch now would cause a lag in learning having to re adjust. The new devices are set to be handed out after their fall break.

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