The Leland School District is requesting homeowners approval for a tax increase. The school superintendent is asking for an $8.75 million bond to improve conditions for students.

On September 10th, at The Leland High School auditorium, The Leland School District is asking voters to come out and support a $8.75 million dollar school bond to work on buildings that have been neglected.

"At this point, they are in dire need, we're asking voters to come out.  There's a boiler issue at that high school.  Many of the residents in this community, went to Leland High School, they know very well that there's a boiler that warms the building and boilers have been outdated and they are being warned as dangerous." Said, Superintendent Jessie King.

Other renovations on the district's list would include: leaky ceilings, missing bathroom sinks, and the crumbling building structure. King said, the conditions could turn dangerous; that's one of reasons, the district is asking for residents to vote for the tax increase.

"I would hope that they would vote for a tax increase for the simple reason in communities, such as this community, to not invest in education is to bring a long time effect that would affect this community in the negative for a long time." Said, The Leland School District Superintendent, Jessie King.

The superintendent also plans to use some of the bond money to make additions to the schools, such as new science labs and a physical education center.

The Leland School District is hosting a town hall meeting on Thursday at 5 p.m. at the Edna M. Scott Elementary School inside the multi-purpose meeting room. The meeting is an opportunity for architects and the district to answer everyone's questions.

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