George Floyd was arrested for what was alleged to be a forged 20 dollar bill. Outrage over his death has caused riots some even shutting down police precincts. 

46 year old George Floyd died at the hands of now ex-police officer Derek Chauvin after cell phone video shows Chavin crushing Floyd’s neck. 

It’s not the first time Chauvin has used reportedly used excessive force. The Minneapolis Police Department has 18 internal afairs investigations filed on him, according to CNN. 

The Delta News spoke with local law enforcement training instructor Sherod Reed about the tactics used on Floyd.

“The knee is for control but it does not go to the neck or the head area, it’s supposed to be between the shoulder blades. What that does is that forced control once resistance has ended, then the technique, the hold ends,” Reed said. 

Chauvin did not stop until Floyd went unconscious from asphyxiation 

Reed said this shows a lack of necessary training needed nation wide.

 “Was there a way we could’ve deescalated this entire situation just through conversation. We’ve got to deal with training standards we have to train," Reed said. 

Reed and Sunflower Police Chief Bobby Walker took to Facebook talking about the incident. Those posts going viral, at this moment one with 128,000 shares.

Chief Walker’s post  saying in part quote “I fear my silence will cause more harm than good" saying of the video quote “this is the complete opposite of what we are taught to do,"

In a statement to The Delta News he said "we have to come together as a people and as a nation to make sure things like this don't keep happening,”.

Reed feels the same saying as a black police officer he cannot stay quiet.

“I’m compelled to make sure that we take care of everybody, whether black lives matter, white lives matter, blue lives matter, all lives matter," he said.

Chauvin was arrested and charged with 3rd degree murder  and manslaughter Friday. the DA expects charged on the others involved to follow soon.

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