The Western Line School District welcomes a new superintendent and the new leader shares his safety plan for keeping campuses safe for students and personnel.

"We have to make sure that everyone is comfortable and feels safe and the environment conducive to learning," said Superintendent Lawrence Hudson.

WLSD aims to get ahead of any crisis that could affect the safety of anyone on its campuses with its new individual school and district safety plans.

"Nothing has happened in our area; but, we can not afford to say that nothing will ever happen here. The Parkland School was rated one of safest school district's in America, yet in still they had such a terrible incident." Said Superintendent Lawrence Hudson.

Already in place are exit signs pointing to doors. Cameras mounted on walls and mirrors placed in key spots.  The plans Superintendent Lawrence Hudson is implementing are plans he got while attending the "Mississippi of Association of School Superintendents Summer Conference."

"We're going to make sure we have safety plans in the case of intruders or an evacuation of a building. We want to make sure that all of our staff and students are trained and also that parents are trained and parents know where to report to in case of natural disasters or in case of an evacuation." Said, Hudson.

Hudson will have a security team on-hand, although he will not arm teachers.

"We follow the lead of the State of Mississippi and our State Board of Education and right now that is not something that has been passed down." Said Superintendent Lawrence Hudson.

Hudson says the biggest problem the district is dealing with right now is the plans are not rehearsed on a daily basis and no one is familiar with them but he is working to change that.  He goes on to say, when students, parents and staff feel safe, they can focus on their number one priority which is student achievement.

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