With schools back in session many districts setting the goal to exceed expectations.

Julia Armstrong elementary in Greenville did just that by earning an a rating and becoming the top rated schools in Washington county.

Principal Yolanda Johnson says," we're extremely proud.. our students really worked hard once they realized our goals and they met those goals which contributed to our growth"

Greenville interim superintendent Dr. Debra dace says, "My first conversation with Miss Johnson was how did you do it.. of course we know that she was intentional.. her staff was intentional and they were intentional and the students and we talk about students knowing their goals and expectations"

Things haven't always been this way, just last year Armstrong receiving a F-rating.

Although, that grade didn't discourage staff from coming together and making things better.

Some teachers have been around to see the difference

Third grade teacher Lucindy Cunningham says, "One thing I see a big difference from when I first came is parental engagement. That is a big aspect and a vital part of our students learning and now we have more parents being more involved and willing to corporate.. support and just be a team player."

Armstrong one of three schools in Greenville public school district earning higher grades for this year.

Dr. Dace hoping this will help lead them in the right direction

"So we're headed in the right direction because we are having those talks. We re meeting with administrators...meeting with teachers.. even meeting with some parents. So, first things first we are all planning and making a determination of where we want to be at the end of this school year," says Dr. Dace.

The job right now to maintain for Armstrong Elementary.

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