Growing concern at one local school, after video surfaces of a teacher hosting a twerking contest during a science class at Leland High School.

Concerned parent, Erica Haney says, "I was angry...I was disappointed...I was highly concerned and i was very disturbed."

These shocking moment caught on camera and shared on social media outraging parents.

These videos shared on Snapchat at Leland High of high schoolers participating in what students are calling a twerking competition during a chemistry class.

The most shocking part about all of this, is the teacher encouraging these acts.

"You got this kind of stuff going on during school got a teacher encouraging this," says Timonthy Haney.

The teacher is known as Mr. Miller. He is seen in this video jumping up and cheering students on.

He was doing all of this while class is in session.

"The parents and the school don't know about this issue, and if we leave it up to school board to let them know. They are never going to know." says Mr. Haney.

Mr. Miller allegedly paid the girls $25 each for participating in this contest.

The video seen online by students but not many parents.

However, when the Haneys got wind of this, they immediately contacted administrators.

"Well that night it was like eleven o'clock but i was so angry that somebody had to know." says Erica Haney

Although, administrators waited to address the issue.

Timonthy Haney says, "So they gave me their word..they was like let us handle this."

"They pushed us off the two weeks we had to wait and then we can address it," says Mrs. Haney.

With growing concerns the Haneys say the district turned the public address into a private manner.

"So it was like the whole school board and the superintendent against was two against five," says Mr. Haney.

We reached out to the school district for comment.

Superintendent, Jessie King says "This was a personnel issue and was handled according to the Mississippi code of ethics."

The video published during homecoming, nearly three weeks ago. It's just now be addressed.

"I would like to see, that they hold themselves accountable. That's the biggest one, you have to know who's working in your schools." says Mr. Haney

The Haney s have a child that attend the school.

She was not in any of these videos, but for them this is more about safety concerns than anything else.

"We care you know..every one of those kids in that school deserve a chance and have the right to have an education and be safe." says Mrs. Haney

We reached out to the district as well as principal and they did not care to comment on the issue. They did say that teacher was terminated and is no longer with the district.

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