With the rising number of deaths from vaping or e-cigarettes, vape shops in the Delta explain how they are handling the rising death toll.

It's been all over headlines, the rising number of deaths and illnesses from vaping or e-cigarettes is on the rise. So much, a new law was put in place raising the age from 18 to 21 to be able to buy tobacco products.

With the new law taking effect and the rise of deaths and illnesses, it can take a toll on some local businesses, but the Vape Shak in Greenville has not seen a decline in business.

"I have a few between the age of 18 and 21 who are upset because the rule, but the law is the law and we have to abide by the law," Frankie Street, Vape Shak owner, said.

Michael and Frankie Street, owners of the Vape Shak, believe a lot of people are lumping vape store products with the cause of the deaths.

The CDC reported THC in e-cigarettes or vaping products, are a major cause of the health problems for individuals.

As of January 7th, the CDC reported more than two thousand cases of lung injuries linked to e-cigarette or vaping products with 57 deaths being reported in 27 states.

Michael and Frankie said vaping gives people a healthier option than cigarettes and that their store does not sell THC products.

"It's a healthier alternative. Some of us love our nicotine, we can't live without it, just like our coffee. It's a healthier alternative. Now a lot of people were getting sick and it has come out that was the THC cartridge that you can get off the street. Vape stores don't sell that," Frankie said.

Frankie also says most vape stores only buy from the united states, where it is approved by the FDA.

The CDC recommends people should not use THC containing e-cigarette, or vaping, products, from informal sources like friends, family, or in-person or online sellers.

"When people smoke, the tar is what coats their lungs. The tar is what makes it hard to breathe. The tar is that cough and all that. Vaping allows you to get your nicotine without the tar," Michael Street said.

They are happy to see business carrying on as usual and believe vaping, when bought from a vape store, is a healthy alternative to smoking.

"It's cleaner for your lungs. You're getting your nicotine, but you're not getting the formaldehyde, the tar, all the other stuff that's in a cigarette," Frankie said.

Mississippi has some of the fewest cases of vaping related illnesses. With only nine cases reported compared to Texas and Illinois who have reported more than 2 hundred.

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