Delta regional medical center teams up to establish a new health clinic in Arcola. Yesterday local leaders announced plans for the start of renovations for the Arcola Health Center.

Civilians were excited to attend the announcement for the arcola health center today. Located in the middle of the town, the center will be an easy, walkable distance for anyone in need of medical care.

"The key is stabilizing the victim so once we can get them stable then they can be properly transported onto DRMC or maybe they'll have what we need here to address that need whatever the medical need is." says Washington County Supervisor, Tommy Benson.

The health center will be fully staffed including certain laboratory and diagnostic testing. 

"Its very important for people to have to go a short ways then a ways away. And that's what this meant means for our community." says Mayor of Arcola, Cora Burnside.

"So we want to take care of you in your community and avoid a costly ambulance run, avoid a costly ER visit and keep you out of the hospital. And so that's our goal. To make you well, make you better, and live healthy and productive lives." says Burnside. 

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