flood victims

A family-owned farming business is helping area families and companies in the South Delta hit hardest by flooding.

'Silent Shade Planting Company' is a family run business who every year, picks a charity to donate money to from their sweet corn farm business.

This year, after seeing and hearing about all of homes and business flooded in parts of the South Delta, they decided to donate to a foundation for victims living in an area flood water is backed up.

"There's a lot of families, and businesses and producers in need, much, much dire needs then we are this year.  Complete losses from a farming standpoint and we just want to be able to help out a little,  I know its not a bunch but a way we can take a process we do on the operations give to the community and help the community give to others in need."  Said, Jeremy Jack, CEO of the Belzoni Planting Company.

Once the family agreed to help flood victims, they contacted, the Community Foundation of Washington County through the Delta Council.

"About a week ago, Elizabeth Jack from the Silent Shade Planting Company in Belzoni gave us a call.  Every year, the do a sweet corn sale and this year, they decided that they wanted to beneficiary to be the South Delta Disaster Recovery fund under the umbrella here at the Community foundation of Washington County. And with all of the devastating in Sharkey, Issaquena, and Humphries Counties, this is a wonderful grassroots, homegrown effort from a family right here in our own community that's working to raise funds to help in the long term recovery efforts for clients that are impacted by this awful flooding."  Said, the Executive Director of The Community Foundation of Washington County, Terri Lane.

"Once the water recedes they told us that these funds would be distributed to qualified clients who have been affected by the flooding to help repair their homes so that the can return back to their homes in a safe and sanitary and secure conditions."  Said, Elizabeth Jack, the liaison for the business charity. 

An up and down journey, said family member, Emma Grace Koger, but she goes on to say, it's well worth it.

"It makes me feel really good that we appreciate the people, you know that just went through all of this year and its been really tough and we actually had to replant the sweet corn, but we really wanted to do it."  Said, Emma Grace Koger.

If you'd like to help victims affected by flooding, send checks to: The Community Foundation of Washington County.  P.O. Box 5910, Greenville, Mississippi 38704 or go online at www.cfwashco.org.

The organization asks that you use: 'Designate South Delta Disaster Recovery Fund' in the memo line.

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