Local Pastors Meet In Greenville

Local pastors meet to discuss the latest executive order on churches.

Pastors from First Baptist, Grace Fellowship, and St. James Episcopal Church, just to name a few were in attendance. A number of others joined by conference call.

Greenville Mayor Errick Simmons holding the meeting to make it clear that the city is NOT canceling church services but services cannot be held at the church building, to avoid gatherings.

This after the department of health has linked dozens of cases of Covid-19 being linked to in-person church services. Although not all agreed, most pastors at the meeting say they agree with the executive order as a way of protecting their congregation and slowing the spread of the virus.

Mathew Alexander, Senior pastor at Greenville First Baptist Church said he supports the mayor's efforts to protect the community. 

"This is in no way canceling church, you know over the last month, we've found creative ways to get word out there to get the gospel out there to worship, been reminded that this is a reflection of how the church worshiped in the first century and home church and i think we're finding a lot of pure worship in these days and I also want to remind our people that it's biblical you know in Romans 13 to submit to our governing authorities until our governing authorities lead us to contradict the word of god and by no means is that happening right now," he said.

The meeting was called after some people were cited by police for gathering at Temple Baptist Church for drive-thru services despite the executive order. Again, No drive-thru services are allowed, and services are not allowed inside the church building.

Church service can be held over avenues like Facebook live, Zoom, teleconference calls or other online and telephone platforms.

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