Mississippi College Savings Fund

The Mississippi state college savings plan deadline has been pushed back. If you want to start a savings plan for your child this year you have until July 15th.

Secretary of Treasury David McRae said his department wanted to extend the deadline to help out during the pandemic. McRae sat down with the Delta News to speak about the benefits of starting a college fund early.

"From a two year program like vocational training those are the fastest growing jobs in Mississippi so we are very much advocating you know paying forward for your child's tuition, whether its four or two [years]. And then the final stat that always strikes me and I think it strikes most people is the average child that graduates college without a college saving plan graduates with around $30,000 worth of debt and that is the biggest factor here in Mississippi and that is also delaying people from starting a family, delaying them from starting a family and other life goals that really they shouldn't be delayed in having.They should be having a great life without worrying about $30,000 worth of debt," he said.

You can find out more about college savings plans at treasury.ms.gov.

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