Mississippi Valley State hosted its 8th annual Sweat Equity Investment in the Cotton Kingdom Symposium.

Each year participants explore a different aspect of slavery and African-Americans history.

Many Americans including the world have looked at the pain, the hurt and the agony of slavery since ships sailed to the African continent and began the beginning of slavery, but even after all of that, Aunt Pearlie Sue, said African-Americans are not victims, instead, she believes they lack knowledge.

"Why do you think the attack is on us so much?  It's because of what we possess, there's no where that you can go in the world, that the African presences is not there, we are the mothers and fathers of all humanity.  All colors come out of black, and the threat is, all long as they don't let us know who we are, then they can keep us in bondage, its not what they are trying to do with laws, and all that kind of corrupt stuff.  It's our lack of who we are.  Our knowledge, knowledge is power."  Said, Aunt Pearlie Sue. 

At the 8th annual Sweat Equity Investment in the Cotton Kingdom Symposium, 'The Geechee Gullah and RingShouters' used skits, wardrobe and music, hoping to help valley state students embrace all aspects of their history.

"The beauty of it is, and I'll never shall forget, working for the movie, "Roots," and we had to train the dancers, and we'd tell them you had to get into the feeling for this brief moment, you are free in your mind, even though you're enslaved, so we have to escape the reality so this beautiful orchestra that's within our souls, we demonstrate it through the RingShout, for a brief moment there is no pain, there is no suffering, there is no enslavement, so we try and keep that part, of the history alive."  Said, Griffin Lofton, works with Geechee Gullah and RingShouters.

Both believe perhaps Americans, and the world would change their views on slavery, if they would consider changing their perception of it, by learning of it, and embracing all of it.

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This was an absolutely amazing two-day event. I can hardly wait until next year's Symposium ... Thanks Delta News for the wonderful coverage.

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