One Delta native has teamed up with a longtime friend to create an album with a very special meaning.

Delta native Tricia Walker and Dr. John Mulder teamed up to create the album titled “The World Around The Bed: Songs of Hope and Healing’’.

Walker joined Mulder at a song writing workshop in New Orleans where they co-wrote the first song “Joy in a Teardrop”. From there, the pair took stories from hospice workers and patients to create the album.

 Mulder himself a hospice doctor.

 “The theme of hope and joy and contentment and piece threads throughout the whole album,” he said.

Mulder said Walker was an easy choice to collaborate with. The Grammy winning song writer was overjoyed to share these stories through music.

“You know a song writer’s job is the try and put into words what people want to say but they don’t really know how to say it, so it’s quite an honor and privilege to sit and listen to the stories of healthcare professionals as well as patients, care givers, physicians, because they all have different perspectives,” Walker said about writing the songs for the album.

The album was set to release on March 25th in Washington D.C. but because of the pandemic it was canceled. The pair say now more than ever people need songs of hope.

“And the messages of these songs I don’t think they’ve changed but they resonate more deeply and more universally and to larger audience now than when we first conceived this a few months ago,” Mulder said about the album being releases during a pandemic.

For the background vocals, they enlisted the help of delta state’s DMI program, where she used to be the director. And Walker said the honest stories that were shared made the task simple.

“Whatever your vehicle is music, art, dance, theater to convey an honest emotion if you can do that and again our source material for this was people being very honest with us about their experiences then that’s not challenging,” Walker said.

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