Lottery Comes to Mississippi

The Mississippi lottery is set to sell scratch off tickets starting November 25th.

Set your calendars because November 25th is the start of the Mississippi Lottery. Scratch off tickets will be in retailers across the state. Powerballs and Megamillions will be launched in the first quarter of 2020. The scratch off tickets include a one dollar game, 2 two dollar games, and a five dollar game.

Communication director for the Mississippi Lottery, Meg Annison, talks about the lottery coming to Mississippi.

"So we're easing into everything just because the lottery is new to a lot of players in Mississippi, it's new to retailers, it's new to the banks, it's just a new thing so we want to make sure everybody has a good understanding of what's going on," Meg Annison said.

If you buy a lottery ticket, you're not just trying to win money, you're also investing in the state.

"The first 80 million of net proceeds goes to infrastructure needs around the state and so we all know that we have problem roads and bridges in our areas. So for 10 years, up to 80 million, the proceeds will go to infrastructure. Anything over 80 million will go to the education enhancement fund and that goes to programs like Pre-K and classroom supply," Annison said.

And if you're one of the lucky winners legislative says you are allowed to remain anonymous.

"If you win anything up to 5 hundred ninety nine dollars, you can redeem that in any approved retailer location. If you win more than 6 hundred dollars, you must mail in your signed ticket or physically bring it to the lottery corporation headquarters in Flowood," Annison said.

If you want your business to sell lottery tickets you must download the application on the website, then go through a background, credit, and financial checks. The Mississippi Lottery encourages retailers to get their information in before launch day.

"We believe that the lottery's going to be very successful," Annison said.

So if you're feeling lucky, or if you're over the age of 21, you can purchase a lottery ticket at a certified retailer.

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