MAB Adapting to Coronavirus Pandemic

Businesses have been impacted by the coronavirus and the Mississippi Broadcasters Association said they've had to adapt to the pandemic as well.

Across the state, TV stations have been closed to the public, and radio stations have slowly begun to return to a new normal.

Along with with existing business, the MAB said its recruiting efforts for college students also had to adapt with the pandemic.

Amanda Fontaine said they've been still working on connecting young broadcasters with stations. 

"Most of the radio stations are open but most of the TV stations are not open to the public, we are just adapting like our MAB day on campus at the colleges and the universities we will actually do that a little different this year. Where they send me the students' resumes and reels then I forward it to the stations and then we'll have some zoom interviews," she said. 

Fontaine said they also want to do something special on campus for all the students as well. 

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