Carolyn Bryant Donham

GREENVILLE - Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch says the state has no intention of prosecuting the Emmett Till murder case.... which many say, sparked the modern civil rights movement.

Activists knew all along getting the warrant served on Carolyn Bryant Donham in the Emmett Till murder wouldn't be easy.

Those with some knowledge of the case, say the sheriff at the time never served her because she was a woman with young children and there would be no one to care for them.

But that was then... and this is now.

Activists say justice needs to be done...finally.

"They ain't gonna roll over easy.. and neither will we. We ain't gonna roll over at all," said Malik Shabazz, Attorney.

But we've been here before.

In the early 2000's a revelation in an author's interview with Donham, led to a kidnapping charge.

That went before a Leflore Grand Jury... which refused to indict her.

The discovery of the warrant, while significant, say experts, may not be enough to act.

So far District Attorney Dwayne Richardson has had very little to say about the case, except to say, it's "not prosecutable". Why's that? Basically because there's not enough evidence.

With only the warrant, and most witnesses long since passed away, the bar becomes quite high say prosecutors in re-opening any case... much less one of the most high profile murders in American history.

Exactly the explanation of Michelle Williams, spokesperson for Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch, who said, "there's no new evidence to open the case back up."

She went on to say a U.S. Justice Department investigation ended with no charges, as it closed the case in December.

In a Memoir, obtained by the Associated Press, Donham says she tried to deny Till whistled at her... but so far, she's remain hidden, and unwilling to speak about it.

Protestors say, there's your evidence right there... enough to bring her in for questioning.

They'd like an explanation from the district attorney... and a better on from Fitch.

"Our focus is on making him do his job," said Shabazz.


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