Enrollment numbers are out for Mississippi Universities, and the numbers show decreasing enrollment for all but one.

When it comes to higher education, Mississippi apparently has some making up to do when it comes to just-released enrollment figures.

Let's start with the University of Mississippi up in Oxford.

It has its largest freshman class in history at more than 44-hundred...

and a total enrollment of just under 23-thousand... an increase of 5 percent over last year.

The largest total enrollment at Ole Miss came in 2016 with more than 24-thousand.

Compare that to every other university... including those in The Delta... where Valley State showed enrollment down 9 percent, at just 18-hundred 79.

That makes Valley the smallest state University in Mississippi.

Delta State, whose former president, William LaForge, got his walking papers this year over enrollment and finance issues, also saw another big decline.... down 6.3 percent.

Here's how the big board shows the rest of the pack.

The W.... down 5.6 percent

Alcorn State.. .down 4.6

Southern Miss... also with a change of leadership... down 4.4

Jackson State's enrollment declined 2.5 percent and Mississippi state saw nearly 2 percent fewer students enrolled.

Nationally, college enrollment dropped a little over one percent last year, and more than 3 percent since 2020

Why the big drop? Experts blame the lasting effects of COVID, plus, national figures show increased enrollment at community college, from high school dual enrollment programs.

Nationally, enrollment at HBCU's actually grew 2.5 percent this fall.

So again... Mississippi apparently has some making up to do... by the numbers.

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