Taxes are something we all love to hear being lowered. A state wide grocery sales tax decrease discussions happen in Indianola.

Mississippi Attorney General and Democratic Governor nominee Jim Hood visits Turner's Downtown Market in Indianola to discuss the importance of grocery sales tax cuts.

In the press conference Jim Hood expressed the importance of a grocery tax cut that would help working families throughout Mississippi.

"Mississippi is only one of three states that puts the full amount of sales tax on groceries and certainly with as many working and poor people as we have in our state we need to cut the grocery tax," Jim Hood said.

Hood believes a lot of the state's money goes to tax giveaways to out of state corporations when it should be helping working people.

"To some people, that percentage means nothing, but to the majority of people here in the Mississippi delta, that means being able to buy an extra gallon of milk every time they come in the grocery or being able to buy canned foods that they might've had to have passed up because that sales tax would've put them over the limit of their budget," Mayo Steve Rosenthal said.

The sales tax going back to the city is about 31 million dollars. The remainder of that revenue goes back to the state which is about one hundred sixty eight million dollars.

"The tax breaks that we give out for economic development ought to be going to small businesses like this who hire people in the community," Hood said.

"This is something that we need in this state drastically because when you go to other states, look at other states, communities and families they reap the benefits of this type of program this type of vision," Turner's Downtown Market H.R. director Steven Smith said.

Hood said seven hundred and sixty eight million dollars a year in tax cuts have been handed out since 2012. Meanwhile the general fund budget is six billion dollars.

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