GRENADA - Students at Grenada Elementary school got a very special visitor Monday.

The superintendent of Mississippi schools got a close-up look at education in action as toured the school for students in the 4th and 5th grades.

Dr. Kim Benton got an eyeful... and an earful.

 "Oh my goodness, when you walk in the door, you can just immediately feel the joy," she said.

Mississippi School Superintendent Dr. Kim Benton tours the 4th and 5 grade Grenada Elementary school classes, with a big smile on her face.

The idea for Her visit started last year when principal Carole Tharpe met the state superintendent in Biloxi.

She didn't want to miss the chance to show off what her students can do.

"We started off today with welcome from our show choir pizzazz. They did two songs for her on they were very excited. I wanted to share that with her because that's a large part of what we do here as far as our music goes, and then I took her to the discovery lab and she was quite impressed with that," said the principal.

Grenada Elementary takes pride in Getting students engaged and keeping them there.... something Benton wants to see in every Mississippi school.

"You could tell that there are high expectations for learning and  for how the students interact with one another. You know, one of the young ladies said we learn to be good people here good citizens," Benton explained.

Not just good citizens... but good students too.

"She finished up our tour of the classrooms about our reading to a fifth grade looping class Miss Hailey Stewart's class and then was interviewed by our news team in the library," said Tharpe.

The visit seemed to invigorate Dr. Benton who hopes to share some of Grenada's successes with other schools.

"I wish I could bottle up the the joy and the enthusiasm for learning and sprinkle that you know across classrooms in this state," said Benton.

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