MSU Extension Services Advising Residents On Mystery Seeds

The MSU extension service is advising Mississippians what to do if they receive unknown seeds in their mailboxes.

They say if you receive a package of unsolicited seeds, do not throw them away. Instead you should immediately call your state plant regulatory official. The seeds can also be dropped off at MSU Extension county offices.

The USDA currently has no evidence this is something other than a scam for people to get unsolicited items from a seller, and the seller posts fake customer reviews to boost sales.

Scientist, Dr. Gary Bachman speaks about it. 

"Here's just some things to keep in mind the introduction of exotic plant species can out compete and displace our native plant species and can also harbor and carry pests and diseases that are not native to our growing environment if a plant is an exotic species we don't even want to try and grow it in a pot because it could escape," he said. 

Again do not plant the seeds instead call 662-325-3390.

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