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HAZLETON, Pa. - A little girl in Hazleton, Luzerne County is alive thanks to her quick-thinking brother.

He used what he learned from a TV show, and the story has caught the attention of the show's big star.

Eight-year-old Jaxson Dempsey is being hailed a hero.

It started with a quick trip to McDonald's. Jaxson and his 20-month-old sister was in the backset of his Dad's car when "I gave her a chicken nugget and I have really good hearing so I heard her choking," Jaxson said.

Dad quickly pulled over.

"By the time I finally pulled over, and got to her door she was purple and red in the face and Jaxson had leaned over her and started patting her on the back and in doing so he dislodged the chicken nugget from her throat," said Matt Dempsey, Jaxson's father.

Jaxson says he got the idea to jump into action like a superhero after watching a show on Nickelodeon staring John Cena, where his character saves someone's life.

"If that show wasn't around she wouldn't be here right now," Jaxson said.

Word spread quickly of Jaxson's heroic action, and eventually made its way to the star himself, who recorded a special message.

"I really want to say thank you for you Jaxson, thank you for being an inspiration, thank you from all of us," Cena said.

But, no one is more proud or thankful for what Jaxson did than his parents.

"I'm proud of Jaxson and I'm happy that he was able to be there with me to help my daughter, otherwise I don't know what would have happened," Matt said.

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