The Mississippi Lottery has added some new games to the mix.

You can now win big with four new scratch off tickets that have been added to the Mississippi Lottery.

New scratch off games include:

Love Y'all for one dollar, Easy Money for two dollars, Break the Bank for 5 dollars, and lastly, Mega Cash for 10 dollars.

Director of Communications of the Mississippi Lottery, Meg Annison explains the new games.

 "yesterday, we just unveiled four new scratch off games including our first 10 dollar scratch off. You can win up to two hundred thousand dollars with that. So that's really, really exciting and important that we keep a variety of games coming because our players like variety, they like to see new things," Meg Annison said.

Annison says the MLC expects the new scratch offs to do well. The first six weeks of selling scratch offs raised at least 60 million in total sales.

"The 60 million that we've raise so far in total sales, we anticipate returning 11-12 million for infrastructure, but all those numbers are going to change. We still have a debt to pay. We have other start up costs, but that's what we're looking at right now," Annison said.

Annison also says the lottery makes around 10 million dollars a week and doesn't see it slowing down.

But according to Annison, the Mississippi Legislature decides where the money goes.

They deemed up to 80 million goes to roads and bridges. Anything over 80 million in net proceeds goes to the education enhancement fund," Annison said.

Delta resident and board members of the Mississippi State Lottery, Cassie Pennington is excited to see a change to Delta roads and bridges.

"Well, people in the delta are so excited that they don't have to go to Arkansas or Louisiana to buy a lottery ticket. Our roads and bridges are in such bad shape, it's really exciting to know that we have money coming to repair our roads and bridges in the Delta," Pennington said.

Not only is the lottery benefiting infrastructure and the education system, but it has also been promoting an increase in business for retailers.

"We're seeing an uptick of customers coming in by lottery tickets and there's been a lot of excitement," President of Double Quicks Tom Gresham said.

The lottery makes about 10 million dollars a week, and Annison says she doesn't see a it slowing down. With how well scratch offs have sold, The MLC is expecting the Power Ball and Mega Millions coming January 30th to be huge.

But lastly, remember to play responsibly.

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