Along a county highway, Bryant’s grocery still stands, a reminder of the story of Emmett Till. An incident some say sparked the civil rights movement in the U.S. Now that dark story will be turned into a documentary with Greenwood as the setting.

The Executive Director of Greenwood Convention and Visitors Bureau, Danielle Morgan said it’s important to keep that history alive.

“It is a dark part of our history and our story here really it’s a tough story but i do feel it’s important it be told here in the delta,” she said.

 And Greenwood will be the perfect place to recreate locations like the Bryant’s Grocery located in Money, Mississippi; now lays abandoned and marked by a Mississippi Freedom Trail marker telling the history and the story of Emmett Till.

That location being where Carolyn Bryant accused Till of flirting with her, later causing her husband and his half-brother to brutally torture and kill the 14 year old and throw his body in the Tallahatchie River.

And Morgan said capturing the Delta wouldn’t be possible anywhere else.

”It’s hard to film the Delta anywhere else we have a very unique landscape and so it really makes sense and i think there’s a lot of opportunity for growth and healing through the process,” she said.

The project, set to air on ABC focuses on Mamie Till-Mobley, Emmett Till’s mother, who was a pivotal figure in fighting for justice for her son after his death in 1955. The project being produced by celebrities like Will Smith and Jay-Z, and 2020 Tony nominee, Adrienne Warren to play Mamie.

“We’re really excited to see it come to fruition it will obviously have a lot of buzz around it because of those big names associated with executive producing,” Morgan said about the production.

The project will bring an economic boom to Greenwood when production begins. And this isn’t the first time the city has hosted a major production.

“Greenwood is no stranger to film you know the movie the help was filmed here about 10 years ago so it’s still h a huge tourism draw for us,” she said.

And now with the production of women of the movement the city hopes to aid in chronicling the history of the civil rights movement born from the small town of Money, Mississippi.

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