The city of Indianola has an exciting new work opportunity for sunflower county residents.

That’s the sound of the bus that’s part of the new collaboration between the city of Indianola and FedEx Ground in Olive Branch Mississippi.

The new program announcing a bus to shuttle employees to and from the FedEx location in Olive Branch.

Representative Otis Anthony and several other city officials were in attendance. As well as representatives from FedEx.

All say they’re excited for the opportunity, especially Indianola Mayor Steve Rosenthal.

“We’re going to be able to offer things that some of our citizens without transportation wouldn't have that opportunity, so we’re real excited that we’ll be able to give them an opportunity,” he said.

Under the new program residents will park at the old Fred’s parking lot and get shuttled back and forth. Organizers say if they can’t bring jobs to the Delta, they will bring the Delta to the jobs, also bringing their hard earned money back too.

One of the organizers, Pam Chatman says it will also stimulate the local economy.

  “So we’re making this a full circle bringing it back home, all of the money that’s a question people have been asking about taking our people outside of the delta but all the money is brought back here we don’t make stops in between we go to work back to Indianola so these people will spend their money right here in Indianola,” she said.

 Especially during the pandemic, Chatman said more people than ever are looking for work.

 And on the bus they’ve installed plastic shields in between the seats the keep passengers safe to and from work.

The Kellogg Organization and The Foundation of the Mid-South also partnered up for the workforce transportation project.

FedEx said they are hiring for package handlers, with the possibly of even transferring to Leland if spots become available.

And they do plan on holding a drive thru hiring event and orientations at city hall to make it easier for the employees.

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